A research and development of a novel technology for the positron emission tomography is carried out at the Jagiellonian University based on the support of the Polish National Center for Development and Research. A particular purpose of the research is to develop, construct and take into operation a prototype of PET that demonstrate the performance potential of the novel invention. The technique is based on polymer scintillators and their superior timing properties. The invented solution was awarded with the gold medal at the 58th World Exhibition of Invention Research and New Technologies: Brussles Innova 2009.

The aim of the symposium is the presentation of results achieved so far in the framework of the project and exchange of experience and expertise gained by various institutions developing detectors for positron emission tomography.

The written version of presentations will be published as a regular issue of Bio-Algorithms and Med-Systems.

The symposium will be followed by:

The II International Symposium on Mesic Nuclei