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# Proponowane tematy w ramach projektów LHCb, J-PET oraz inne (2020/2021)

Ostatnie prace:

# Feasibility studies of discrete symmetries observations with the J-PET detector based on the Monte Carlo simulations (M. Bala - 2018)
# Towards 2+1 photon tomography: Energy-based selection of two 511 keV photons and a prompt photon with the J-PET scanner (R. Maselek - 2018)
# Adaptation of image reconstruction algorithms with time-of-flight for the J-PET tomography scanner (K. Rakoczy - 2019)
# Zastosowanie metod uczenia maszynowego do klasyfikacji zdarzen wielofotonowych w skanerze J-PET (J. Bielecki - 2019)

Jeżeli ktoś ma jakiś ciekawy pomysł na projekt lub temat pracy w ramach moich obszarów zainteresowań to serdecznie zapraszam!

If somebody has any interesting idea or project to propose, related to my center of interests, don't hesitate to contact me!

# Selected topics in Data Science and Machine Learning (2020/2021)
# Selected topics in Data Science and Machine Learning - RadFarm(2020/2021)
Some projects:
# J-PET Framework: Software platform for PET tomography data reconstruction and analysis (article)
# Feasibility of ortho-positronium lifetime studies with the J-PET detector in context of mirror matter models (article)
# Analysis framework for the J-PET tomography scanner (article)
# Message Queues in the DIRAC distributed computing platform (article)
# KNEDLE event display for KLOE-2
Software-related staff
# J-PET software (github)
# DIRAC software platform for distributed computing (github)
# Simple implementation of fire effects a la Doom in Python (github)
# J-PET website
# LHCb official website
# Warsaw LHCb group
# NCBJ Medical Data Processing and Reconstruction Group
Various staff
# Hackers news
# Fallacy files
# The Beauty of Roots

Wojciech Krzemień

Assistant professor at the National Centre for Nuclear Research, Świerk, Poland
Senior researcher in the J-PET collaboration

High Energy Physics Division
National Centre for Nuclear Research
PL-05-400 Otwock, Świerk

# Github account
# Profile on HEP-Inspire
# List of my publications at J-PET website (probably not fully updated)
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# Profile on Researchgate (not updated)
My research

My interests are focused on experimental testing of discrete symmetries in neutral mesons systems (KLOE-2 and LHCb projects), and formerly on the search for a new kind of matter, the so-called mesic-nuclei (WASA project). Those topics are related to fundamental questions in modern physics e.g. the asymmetry of matter over antimatter, the basics of quantum mechanics (quantum oscillations, entanglement and decoherence phenomena), the validity of the fundamental CPT and Lorentz symmetries and the existence of a new kind of matter.

In parallel to the research in fundamental science, I am a senior researcher in the J-PET project , which aims at the construction of a novel cost-effective, total body PET tomography scanner. My work consists of the coordination of software development tools including image reconstruction algorithms, Monte Carlo simulations and data analysis framework. I am also the founder of a group focused on medical data reconstruction and processing using GRID and Cloud solutions.

Finally, in the frame of the LHCb project, I participate in the development and implementation of the scalable Pilot Logger system based on the Message Queue architecture (RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ) as a part of the DIRAC middleware. I also coordinate the software activities of the NCBJ group dedicated to the upgrade of the reconstruction algorithms and to the application of Machine Learning methods for the Electromagnetic Calorimeter.

As a by-product, my center of interests includes programming, security, image reconstruction, statistics, machine learning methods and more.