• 2017-01-07
    Article in PAP (Polish Press Agency) :Powstaje podwodny wykrywacz materiałów niebezpiecznych
    (article in polish)
  • 2017-01-06
    Interview in Radio Kraków: Wynalazek naukowca UJ podniesie bezpieczeństwo na Bałtyku
  • 2016-07-27
    Article in 'Polityka': Seeds for the Future. Znamy zwycięzców III edycji konkursu
  • 2015.12.24
    Article in 'Rzeczpospolita': 'Innowacja nie musi być droga'
  • 2015-12-14
    Article in 'Forum Akademickie': Badania praktyczne - LIDER 2015
  • 2015-04-29
    Interview in DDTVN with the best foreign PhD student in Poland - Ghanshyanbhai Khatri
  • 2013-10-01
    Article in: 'The Warsaw Voice The Polish Science Voice: Innovative scanner'
  • 2013-06-18
    Article in PAP (Polish Press Agency) : Na UJ powstaje nowoczesny, tani tomograf pozytonowy
  • 2012-09-25
    Symposium on Positron Emission Tomography - Cittru UJ
  • 2012-01-26
    Article in '' about the gravitational force in quantum world
  • 2012-01-23
    Search: Gravitation in quantum world (Poszukiwana: grawitacja w świecie kwantów)
  • 2012-01-16
    Article in 'Science Daily' about Tests of High-Energy Particles Correlations
  • 2011-07-11
    Article in 'Polskie - Publicystyka' about the new PET Tomograph developed at the Jagiellonian University
  • 2010-10-15
    TEDxKrakow Conference. Invited talk: Medical Imaging with Anti-matter
  • 2010-07-21
    Interview in local Polish television news about the International Ph.D. Studies in Nuclear Physics on Jagiellonian University
  • 2010-05-17
    Interview in local Polish television news about the new PET Thomgraphy which is developed by the group of Prof. Paweł Moskal
  • 2010-05-12
    TV report in Polish Teleexpress news service about Positron Emission Thompograp build in by Prof. Moskal Group
  • 2010-05-07
    Article in 'PAP - Science and Scholarship in Poland' website (Tani tomograf pozytonowy na bazie plastiku powstaje na UJ)
  • 2009-12-18
    Article in 'PAP - Science and Scholarship in Poland' website (Naukowcy z UJ projektują oszczędniejszy tomograf)
  • 2009-12-09
    Article in local newspaper 'Dziennik Polski' about the award for Prof. Moskal for the new PET Tomography