1. The cosmological constant and Higgs mass with emergent gauge symmetries
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  2. Study of the N* momentum distribution for experimental eta-mesic 3He searches
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  3. Emergent Gauge Symmetries and Particle Physics
    S.D. Bass
  4. Vacuum energy with mass generation and Higgs bosons
    S.D. Bass, J. Krzysiak
  5. N-N-N* model calculations for experimental eta-mesic 3He searches
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  6. Witnessing Entanglement In Compton Scattering Processes Via Mutually Unbiased Bases
    B.C. Hiesmayr, P. Moskal
  7. Etaprime and Eta Mesons with Connection to Anomalous Glue
    S. D. Bass, P. Moskal
  8. QED and Fundamental Symmetries in Positronium Decays
    Steven D. Bass
  9. Updating spin-dependent Regge intercepts
    S. D. Bass, M. Skurzok, P. Moskal
  10. Emergence in Particle Physics
    S.D. Bass
  11. Genuine Multipartite Entanglement in the 3-Photon Decay of Positronium
    B.C. Hiesmayr, P. Moskal
  12. Spinning Gluons in the Proton
    S.D. Bass
  13. eta' Interactions with Nucleons and Nuclei
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  14. Revealing Bells nonlocality for unstable systems in high energy physics
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